Rhewum uses heated screening surfaces to avoid clogging

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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When sieving moist and adhesive materials, screen cloths can easily get clogged. In order to counteract this, Rhewum uses heated screening surfaces.

The Rhewum electrical screen cloth heater allows heating the surface to over 100 degrees Celsius. This temperature keeps the screen cloths open despite of moist fine materials. These dry onto the cloth and spall due to the extremely strong vibration of our electromagnetic drives. That way the screening surface remains open! This technology is particularly suitable for moist and adhesive materials such as fertilizers or naturally moist sands.

The screen cloth heater can be used for all static machine types, but only with stainless steel meshes. In order to adjust the energy requirement, the heater can be manually controlled. The isolation of the side walls and the automated monitoring of the temperature ensure the safety of your business operation. Plug connectors allow a fast and easy exchange of the screen cloth.

For more information contact the Benelux Rhewum agent: Eskens process solutions

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