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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Support your Go for zero programme by immediately adding safety signs or warnings whenever risks emerge in your workplace. Use a professional printer and safety sign software to quickly create the right signs that clearly communicate any risk or danger to your co-workers. Read about the best practice now!

Whenever a risk emerges in the workplace, it often takes a long time to order and wait for new safety signs that can warn co-workers about danger and instruct them on how to avoid an accident. By using a professional safety sign printer and software, companies can design, print and implement new signs a lot faster in order to support their Go for zero programme and avoid workplace accidents.

Reduce workplace accidents
According to Eurostat, 2.5 million non-fatal and 3515 fatal workplace accidents still occured in the European Union and United Kingdom in 2012. The numbers show there is room to increase workplace safety, reduce the number of accidents and reduce their associated costs. Ask yourself what if a simple sign could prevent a co-worker from losing a finger?

Use safety signs
Safety signs are instrumental in any Go for zero programme that aims to reduce workplace accidents to an absolute minimum. Their major advantage is that they can easily communicate important information where it is needed most to avoid accidents.

Brady’s range of printers and safety software enables users to create durable standard and customised signs in a great number of shapes, colours and sizes. When safety risks emerge in the workplace, simply walk up to the printer and create signs to communicate the necessary precautions to co-workers. An on-site printer is a great tool to support any Go for zero programme

Support your Go for zero programme by immediately adding signs whenever safety risks emerge. Prevent workplace accidents by printing your own safety signs.

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