Mixing powder is a core task for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic processing industries. Dec’s revolutionary mixing technology – PTS Batchmixer – allows to swiftly mix powders with diverse characteristics to a very high blend homogeneity while reducing overall process time in a highly contained way ensuring operator safety and promoting production efficiency. After mixing, the blend can be completely emptied and automatically transferred to the next stage in production to minimize downtime in manufacturing. Unique Features of PTS Batchmixer • Systems from 2 to 6000 liters allowing to vary product volumes from 10 to 100 % • No moving or rotating parts, minimal maintenance, and full clean in place (CIP/SIP) • Highly efficient, gentle mixing with reduced mixing times • Automatic extraction of powder from/to different containers or process equipment • Full discharge by gravity or active transfer to the next process step To learn more about Dec’s PTS Batchmixer technology, please visit our website https://www.dec-group.net/pts-batchmixer