Process technology for Lean Six Sigma companies

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in technologies for receiving, transporting, weighing, mixing, grinding, sifting, vacuum coating, and packaging bulk solids for a wide range of markets. The production companies we serve are increasingly working in accordance with Lean Six Sigma, a methodology used all over the world that aims to improve efficiency and eliminate waste and activities not valued by the client. Dinnissen is developing process technology, process designs, and intelligent process automation specifically for these clients.

Production companies working in accordance with Lean Six Sigma methodology have six solutions available to ensure that their organization can work more cheaply, more customer-focused, and more efficiently. Technology is one of the most important of these solutions. Dinnissen Process Technology offers Lean Six Sigma companies specialized technology that contributes to these efforts. For example, compact equipment offering high production capacity and ease of access requires a lower initial investment and can also be cleaned more easily and quickly. Dinnissen’s Lean Mixing Concept allows companies to realize savings in terms of energy, labour, physical space, and investment costs for transport and storage systems by utilizing innovative and simplified gravity-based transport technology. Multifunctional mixers and vacuum coaters are also cheaper to purchase and operate and require less space and labour. They also offer production companies, now and in future, a great deal of flexibility to make exactly those products that are most highly appreciated by their clients. Other process technologies focus on aspects such as energy savings, minimizing damage to fragile ingredients, product homogeneity, andhygiene.

Dinnissen offers companies looking to purchase one or more machines a specialized development plan, providing them with certainty upfront and the opportunity to measure the results achieved and fine tune the technology. By developing process technology for companies that work in accordance with Lean Six Sigma, Dinnissen can also provide other clients with additional benefits and services. These benefits will be the result of increased in-house knowledge and the availability of innovative technology enabling companies to work more efficiently, more cheaply, and with a greater focus on what the client actually wants. Visit the Dinnissen stand at the EasyFairs Solids (F 1005) or K-Messe (hall 10, stand B71).

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