Precia Molen producing special automatic discontinuous totalizing bulk hopp

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Over the past four decades Precia-Molen has established a worldwide reputation as the leading supplier for weighing equipment for use in bulk transhipment and storage facilities.

The proven concept of one basic design for multi purpose applications in intake, transhipment and out loading operations, makes the standard ABS-xl scale suitable for a wide range of dry free-flowing bulk commodities such as cereals, expellers, tapioca, soya meal and many derivatives. Special version are available for fertilizers, sugars and liquids.

The standard Automatic Bulk Scales type XL are suitable for dry and free flowing bulk products with a bulk density of 0.5 – 1 t/m3. Products with lower bulk densities are also handled by the ABS and specials designs always possible on request.
For products with higher bulk densities (for example fertilizers up to 1.2 t/m3) small modifications are sufficient.

Precia Molen received last year a special demand from customer for weighing fertilizers and phosphates with higher bulk densities.
Now Precia Molen Breda is producing the two special hopper scales for fertilizer and phosphates with bulk densities from 1.2 up to 1.4 t/m3 and bigger product sizes.
Capacity up to 1750 t/h, 24 hours per day.

The inside of these hopper scales are completely executed in stainless steel and have special designed feeding and discharge gates. Feeding gates suitable for coarse and dribble feed. Stainless steel cylinders are taking care of the correct and fast movements of the gates.
The feed section and weigh hopper have UHMW-PE liners because of the abrasive products. The surface of the liners takes also care of an improved product flow
The hopper scales will be installed by Precia Molen on site. Precia Molen also takes care of the engineering for the steel tower construction for the two hopper scales and the complete installation works on site.

The I400 ABS controller in combination with the RIO-box (remote In- and outputs in stainless steel cabinet with integrated pneumatic valves and controlled by the CAN-OPEN field bus) complete the Precia Molen weighing system (MID, OIML approved).
Hopper scale accuracy according OIML R107, class 0.2 (+ and – 0.1 %).

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