Pneumatically and electropneumatically operated valves

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The Series 8 enlarges the range of models available with the cartridge valve directly integrated in an anodized aluminium body comprising also the pilot solenoid valve.
The new bodies enable to have pneumatically operated models with external pilot or electropneumatically operated models with both external and internal piloting.

The internal pilot takes the pressure needed to activate the cartridge valve directly from the main pressure line, avoiding further pneumatic connections. In this case, to guarantee a correct operation, a minimum pressure of 3 bar must be present.
In case it is necessary to activate the cartridge valve with a pressure less that 3 bar in the main line, it is necessary to use models with external piloting, making sure to guarantee a pressure between 3 and 6 bar. For the Normally Open function, a continuous pneumatic piloting must be guaranteed. Besides different types of electrical
connections, all models also have versions that are suitable to be used with oxygen. The procedures applied for the cleaning of components, of assembly and of packaging, are performed according to the ASTM G93 standards.

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