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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Dating back to the summer of 1894 is when the family run company Gericke was first set up.

At that time, flour milling was among the first industries to incorporate automatic handling systems for bulk solids. Operations such as cleaning, conveying, storing, discharging, feeding, grinding, mixing, separating, de-dusting and bagging were already being developed.

With the emerging influence of the third Gericke family, the company established a strong development of philosophy for expansion and growth. Now over 120 years on the company is still going strong under the 4th generation management of Mr Markus Gericke.

Gericke started with just one location in the industrial district of Zurich and has now expanded world-wide by establishing subsidiaries in key countries which currently employs over 260 committed employees.

People are the company’s greatest asset and hold a key position in all future development plans. With the delegation of responsibility and the development of employees, Gericke quickly recognised the importance and potential of a well-trained and motivated workforce. You can easily identify this by Gericke’s low turn-over in staffing and high long term service employee numbers.

Gericke’s state-of-the-art solutions are based on continuous innovation, linked to superior product reliability and professional aftercare. Gericke aims to provide its customers with outstanding advisory and engineering know-how in the field of powder and bulk processes for their maximum benefit!

Generations of company and industry knowledge has proven to be Gericke’s most valuable asset when working together with their customers to define the optimal solution.

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