Optical measuring systems from Rhewum GmbH

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Rhewum GmbH presents, besides very qualitative screening machines, a complete range of optical measuring systems for particle size measuring, flow rates and for separation by colour. For these systems, high performance camera and intelligent software are used. Production processes with optical sorting are essential in reducing production costs as well as for quality assurance of the final product.
Eskens represents Rhewum GmbH, machine producer located in Germany, in the Benelux.

The Size Checker measures in-line and contactless particle sizes between 0.2 and 20 mm and can be used for quality control, such as monitoring after a sieving machine or mill. Even in heavy duty environment, this system can be used and comes complete with software and peripherals.

The Flow Checker is provided with a 3D camera and measures, for example placed on top of a conveyor, the volume of a product stream. This is useful to monitor the capacity of a product stream, but also to detect undesired accumulation of product. Operation and installation are very easy.

The data Sort is used to sort by colour of the particles in a product stream. A line scan camera detects the colour of the particles and due to software programming, the user can determine which particles are blown away from the product stream. Particle detection between 3 mm and 200mm are possible with a capacity of 20,000 particles per second and 180 t/h. Besides colour, the software can be set for separation of particle size and shape, very important for complex sorting requirements!

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