<span class="hdr">Pegasus® mixer for food premixes </span> The latest innovation is this new version of the Pegasus® mixer, that was designed for a Polish food producer. The interesting thing of this mixer is its volume, because you can mix 5000 litre product per batch, with a percentage of 1:100.000. That mixer is an advancement of the successful Pegasus® mixer D-Topline, that is in use at a lot of companies worldwide. But not only the volume in combination with a high mixing speed is a remarkable feature of this mixer. After the mixing process it is important to clean the mixer quickly to realize product changes with a minimum loss of time. Here the system scores with thought-out engineering. The mixer can be provided with extra features to ensure a fast and easy cleaning process: • Big wing doors for perfect accessibility • Extendible mixer shafts to allow a very easy and efficient cleaning of the mixing paddles • Double bomb door hatches for a fast and complete emptying of the mixing chamber • CIP system possible • Front hatch to allow a complete accessibility of the mixer from every side. <span class="hdr">Gentle mixing process and optimal product handling </span> The already mentioned benefits are technical enhancements, basing on continuously proceeding knowledge. The mixing paddles and the mixing chamber are constructed in a way, that an optimal product handling is guaranteed and product loss can be avoided. Thereby you can also mix very sensitive products easily. In combination with a fluid dosing system this mixer can also be used to spray on fluids. <span class="hdr">Maximum hygiene </span> The hygiene requirements in the food industry are continuously getting stricter. For that reason the machine is geometrical designed in a way, that the side wall of the mixing chamber slightly lean to each other, which creates the form of a droplet. Because of this chamber form the product can not adhere in the top part and that secures a better hygiene and shortens the cleaning time. You can see the thought-out design on the mixing waves and mixing paddles as well. All welded joints that come in contact with the product get regrinded for less adhesion of the product. In addition to that the surface gets an extra treatment with the special Viwateq®-Finish. <span class="hdr">Easy inspection </span> A constant inspection is an important process, that must take place fast and accurate. To facilitate this in practice, the Pegasus® mixer has a big hatch at the front side. Through that hatch you can realize the necessary inspections very easily. Thanks to this hatch the cleaning is quickly done and the machine operator has perfect access to the inside of the mixing chamber.