New! MBA 800 rotating paddle with stepper-motor

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Direct drive without a gearbox, powerful motor with miniature wing, pre-adjustable and selectable parameter sets for universal use – these are the main features of the MBA800 with rotating wing for level measurement. This sensor is a real allrounder from light to heavy bulk materials.

The idea is old, but it was never implemented. The inspiration for the implementation of these ideas was the MBA-owned patent for magnetic coupling. The idea of the magnetic coupling has now been developed as an integral part of permanent magnetic synchronous motors. The direct drive variable speed motor control, parameters can be coordinated so that the various functions of the sensor can be adapted to different types of bulk materials and their properties in the application. So these individual adjustments of the stepper motor on the switching behavior, speed, detection and arrest-free switching can be selected in the sensor head.

It is this parameter selection which makes the MBA800 unique. It has already proved its worth several times in the various field trials. Interested? We are happy to inform you.

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