Product cost price even lower due favourable hammer mill price, fewer operations when changing screens and more efficient milling. Much progress has been made on many fronts with the new Hamex® Hamer Mill. For instance, the method used to produce the machine has been automated and modernised even more, which has considerably reduced its total price. In addition, various ergonomic aspects of the machine have been amended, improving user friendliness and speed of screen changes. The screen can now be slid out of the machine sideways meaning that wear parts are quickly reachable and can be easily changed. In addition, the Hamex® Hammer Mill has large inspection hatches that offer fast and easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant components. Many advantages that together make an essential contribution to further reducing the eventual product cost price. Higher production capacity The Hamex® Hammer Mill is also fitted with a stone trap and a magnet that separate hard objects and magnetic particles from the product being processed. This helps to prevent product contamination and screen damage. It is also possible to choose a specially developed airflow system that quickly and efficiently regulates the transport of particles of the correct size. This increases the capacity and reduces energy consumption. More profit The advantages mentioned will not go unnoticed by feed producers. And certainly because this new Hamex® Hammer Mill offers an immediate and easily demonstrable increase in profitability and a shorter ROI.