New Goyen 4 Series Pulse Jet Valve

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Tyco Environmental Systems has announced the release of the new innovative, high performing GOYEN 4 Series Pulse Jet Valve.

Demonstrating continued leadership in innovation and performance, Goyen has once again moved the goal posts with extremely rapid response, and very high flow rate delivered by the Series 4 pulse jet valve.

This high performance valve is suitable for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning and may be used for new dust collector builds or to replace existing 1” valves in a dust collector refurbishment.
A range of convenient mounting styles are available including the highest flowing FS valve, and are easily incorporated into new or existing dust collector designs.

Better control of air usage
Very fast open and closing rates means excellent control of compressed air usage. The new 4 Series Valve responds to electrical signals as short as 50ms.

Better pulse cleaning than ever
With class leading performance coupled with extremely rapid response, the Goyen Series 4 cleans more filter area per valve than ever before. Best in class performance from 0. 3Bar (4.4 psi) to 8.6 Bar (125 psi) means consistently high flow rates and optimised filter cleaning.

The new 4 Series range of Pulse Jet Valves are suitable for a multitude of applications covering a range of industries including; manufacturing, mining, power generation, resources, steel and cement industry. The 4 Series valves can also be used on filter applications such as fabric filters, pleated filters and panel filters.

Springless Diaphragm = No spring failures! Innovation excellence by our engineering team has provided our valves with an alternative to spring diaphragms, the new springless shockwave diaphragm. The integrated spring eliminates the possibility of spring failures. The shockwave diaphragm has been environmentally endurance tested at the extremes and proven to be a superior alternative to a spring diaphragm.

The unique diaphragm material is a proprietary engineering thermoplastic elastomer blend for consistent performance throughout the temperature and pressure range.
Several seal materials are available to allow operation from -40°C to 232°C (-40°F to 449.6°F).

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