NEW from PENKO: Custom dimensioned Load monitoring pins.

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

This type of measuring axles, operating by means of strain gages, is suitable for a lot of applications. The principle, on shear with a double Wheatstone bridge, matches with existing instrumentation and reduces the effect of undesired influences. The sturdy construction, temperature resistance and high protection class make these sensors fit for heavy duties such as mobile weighing, on or in all kind of conveyor systems, in hoists, cranes and winches. This makes it easy to provide such installations with an overload protection and/or a force measurement or weighing system. For high demanding applications, such as maritime and offshore, a redundant, so fail safe, measuring circuit can be provided.
The load monitoring pins are as a standard manufactured out of high quality stainless steel. The protection class is IP66 or IP68. The temperature is compensated over a wide range, from -20 up to +60 Centigrade. For the standard model + 90 Centigrade is permissible. As an option these pins can be prepared for utilisation in areas with temperatures up to + 180 Centigrade. The measuring ranges vary from 0,5 up to 1 000 metric tons ( 5 up to 10 000 kN) with an accuracy of 0,5 %.
The measuring pins are custom dimensioned, so there is no need to adapt the, new or existing, design.

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