New feeder device for vacuum transport

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new pneumatic feeder device for providing a constant inflow of powders, particles, and granulates in vacuum transport systems. The feeder device works completely automatically on the basis of the transport pressure that has been set. Mechanical dosage devices such as sluice valves or screws are superfluous. Dinnissen’s new feeder device plays a crucial role in its innovative Slow Flow Conveying transport system which can be used to pneumatically transport even the most fragile, sticky, and soft products quickly, easily and effectively.

Slow Flow Conveying is the pneumatic transport system developed by Dinnissen especially for the transport of fragile, sticky, and soft products. Slow Flow Conveying works according to the principle of underpressure or overpressure transport. Powders, particles, or granulates are transported from one or more inflow points to a single compact receiving unit with the help of a controlled flow of air or gas. In Slow Flow Conveying, it’s crucial to minimize the friction between the product particles in order to ensure that fragile, sticky, or soft products are transported as efficiently and gently as possible. To realize this, the transport speed is minimized, and the ratio between the amount of product being transported and the amount of transport air or gas used is relatively high. In order to carefully and gently transport fragile ingredients, it’s also crucial to ensure a constant supply of product to the transport system. After all, a constant supply rate results in a proper loading factor, a smooth production process, and an optimum end product quality.

Dinnissen has developed a new feeder device for vacuum transport systems to ensure that, regardless of the product in question, the product can be transported through the system at exactly the proper loading factor and speed. Dinnissen’s new feeder device plays an important role in its innovative Slow Flow Conveying transport system. The feeder device is fitted with an automatically regulated air supply for the inflow of products. This ensures that an optimum amount of transport air or gas is used for each product. Via the automatic valve, the precise capacity for one or more inflow products can be chosen on the basis of transport pressure. This means that the proper ratio between transport speed and loading factor can always be realized even for products with very different characteristics. This makes it possible to transport even the most fragile, sticky, or soft products easily and quickly and without the use of mechanical dosage devices, sluices, or screw transporters. The new pneumatic feeder device makes it possible to reduce product damage and mechanical maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Slow Flow Conveying is one of the transport systems in the range of products supplied by Dinnissen. In the area of bulk transport, Dinnissen is also specialized in Dense Phase and traditional air transport.

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