New conveyor feed boosts yield of Eddy Current Separator

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The conveyor feed recently developed by Goudsmit Magnetics consists of a conveyor belt feed that is supplied by a product distributor. This prevents clogging of the vibratory chute during the recycling process and increases the yield of non-ferrous metals. Sticky or damp product streams, such as incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) adhere to the surface of vibratory chutes, preventing them from distributing the product evenly. The product takes on a preferred orientation (the path of least resistance) preventing formation of a homogeneous layer, which results in reduced yield of non-ferrous metals. Until now, a common solution to this problem was to clean the feed belt or vibratory chute at weekly or monthly intervals. This, however, means unnecessary downtime and extra maintenance. The true cause of the problem is the encrusted vibratory feeder. This newly developed conveyor feed with product distributor prevents this problem by creating a mono-layer that ensures full belt coverage. This means maximum utilization of the capacity and separation efficiency of the magnetic separator, as well as longer service life of the conveyor.

A mono-layer is a product layer that has a maximum thickness of one piece; in other words, there are no pieces lying on top of each other. This is important for eddy current separation, because the non-ferrous pieces in the product flow are ’ejected’. If there were sand or a stone on a piece of metal, for example, there is a good chance that the EC separator would not eject the metal particle far enough to separate it from the product flow. Particularly for the ’fine fractions’ (particle size: 0-10 mm) it is extremely important to create a mono-layer for maximum recovery of non-ferrous material. The system actually consists of three conveyor belts, each with its own task.

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