Building After the fire that struck Polem in February 2011 we started building new facilities on the same location. The new and bigger facilities will provide the posibility to build silos and tanks up to 9 meter in diameter. The existing factory can build cilinders up to 5 meters in diameter. Productivity Despite the fact that part of the production facility was destroyed by the fire, the production capacity never decreased. Thanks to inventiveness, creativity and an enormous amount of effort of all Polem employees production capacity was maintained and customers were served. Demolition Old building have been torn down and properly disposed. The soil was prepared for the new foundations and plans for the future arised. In these plans for the future Polem introduced some new chalenges which would help us distinguish ourself from competitors even more. The most remarkable step forward is the expansion of the production facilities to be ready to produce cilinders up to 9 meters in diameter. Making the best of a bad situation Building works have started, foundations are nearly ready and according to plans the new buildings will be ready for production March 2012 Polem continues to be leading in her field and confirms her position as Europes #1 manufacturer of GRP silos, tanks and apparatus.

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