Our modern lives would be unimaginable without the products created by the chemical industry, and as a pioneer in the thermal treatment of bulk goods Lödige has been a solution provider for this industry for many decades. Lödige’s process solutions are tailored perfectly to individual products and their product rheology with regard to apparatus size, consumption figures and materials. This allows Lödige to help their customers in the chemical industry to manufacture their indispensable products cost-effectively With the Druvatherm® Reactors and Dryers an entire process chain can be realised in a single unit. This is all because of their versatility, which allows complex process steps such as mixing, liquid addition, heating, evaporating, reacting, drying, cooling, granulating and coating to be carried out in just one machine. For example: liquid reactants are initially mixed and then brought to a reaction upon introduction of additives. Subsequent evaporative crystallisation, drying, cooling and granulation yield the final solid product. These process steps are performed without intermediate storage, transportation or cleaning. All the benefits and possibilities of the Lödige Druvatherm® Reactors and Dryers are brought together in a new Lödige brochure “System Solutions for the chemical industry”. Have a look at it and contact Eskens Process Solutions for more detailed information.