New blow-through valve type ZFD-CIP

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The youngest member of our CIP product family is the ZFD-CIP blow-through valve. It was recently approved by the EHEDG and awarded the EL class I certificate.

The interior and exterior surfaces of the rotary valve are extremely smooth. All corners and edges were designed with a large radius to achieve the best possible cleaning results. Surfaces in contact with the product are polished with a surface roughness of <0.8 µm to prevent even the slightest product residues and contamination by microbial growth. The valve is made of stainless steel type 1.4404/AISI 316L. During fully-automatic wet cleaning the rotary valve remains closed, saving time and money. To ensure that all fluids are fully removed from the interior during drying, we use special seals on the ZFD-CIP blow-through valve which are flush with the front and prevent capillary action.

The EHEDG has tested this end-to-end hygienic design during several practical trials. The ZFD-CIP was approved with the EL class I certificate that evidences fully-automatic CIP capability.

If required, the ZFD blow-through valve can be manufactured with replaceable sealing cartridges and the FXS extraction facility which enables quick and simple rotor extraction from the housing.

Coperion will present this new EHEDG blow through valve at the easyFairs Solids in Antwerp/Belgium. Please visit us on our booth no D1006 on 27 or 28 March 2013.

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