Interferences are a source of annoyance, cause business interruption or disturb your process, so they cost money. That means a quick remedy is a must. The new PENKO cable connection box type SJB190 helps you doing so. Every load cell, up to four per weighing system, is monitored individually. Deviations outside the pre-set tolerances are made visible on the display and reported via a potential-free contact. On the front of the instrument you find a clear OLED display, good visible under sunny circumstances, with control buttons. This allows fault finding by checking the measurement signal of each load cell separately by simultaneously comparing it with the average of all sensors and the excitation voltage. You localise immediately without searching whether, for example, a cable is broken, a load cell drifts or was overloaded. If necessary, you can take preventive action and replace the defective sensor. This intelligent connection box replaces the usual one, since no external power supply is required. Delivery takes place optionally in a robust plastic (IP65) or stainless steel (IP66) housing, both suitable for wall mounting.