Geniox is more than an air handing unit. It is the heart of a complete air handling solution that integrates everything from design to operation.The air handling units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, hygiene, marine and industrial applications. Flexibility of the modular platform Geniox modular platform is based on standardized sections that fit seamlessly together – making numerous configurations possible. The Geniox family can handle airflows from 750-48.000 m3/h (0,2 - 13,3 m3/s). This level of flexibility means that we can offer an optimized solution regardless of your project and industry. Easy to configure We can configure Geniox for you in the design program SystemairCAD. You can also try it yourself. It is free to download from our website. In SystemairCAD, you can optimise the air handling unit to your needs and to the lowest possible energy consumption. Minimal energy loss and durable design We have prioritized the future-proof solutions. The casing with L1(M) leakage class further increases the unit’s already high energy efficiency – minimizing heat loss and thermal bridges. Together with the latest fan technology that mean the highest operating efficiency for your and energy saving. It also reduces the sound. You get more freedom of choice for the placement of the unit. Geniox is certified by Eurovent with very high classifications, that ensures the air handling unit will perform according to the technical specifications. Learn more about technical features Systemair ACCESS: you are in full control We have combined the strong heart of a Geniox with a sharp mind – Systemair Access. Systemair Access is a complete control solution for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible. Systemair Access helps you to optimize the air handling unit performance so people can breathe easy in a great indoor climate. Using your air handling unit more effectively will help you reduce energy consumption and save money.

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