Multifunctional mixing installation by J-Tec Material Handling

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

J-Tec designed a multifunctional mixing installation taking the EHEDG guidelines into account. This vertically build blending line does not need any pneumatic transport and works fully gravitational. Another advantage is that the discharging, mixing, sieving, dosing and bag filling activities can take place on a small surface (ca. 2,5x3x10 wxdxh), meaning that this J-Tec solution fits almost everywhere.

On the top floor big bags® can be discharged using an easy controllable hoist. Thanks to a J-Tec discharge unit, equipped with an hygienic and 100 % dust free discharging clamp, your big bags® can be emptied in a clean and optimal way. (J-Tec hygienic dirt valve is optional)

We’ve engineered a bag and liquid discharging unit in combination with the big bag® discharging unit.
The liquid system allows us to add Max. 5% of warm/cold/ viscous or less viscous fluids into the mixer in a homogeneous way without the possibility of clot agglomeration. The raw materials can be discharged into just one access point of an underneath mixer. This mixing unit is equipped with air nozzles which automatically remove the product residues for up to 99.9% after each batch. The mixer is also engineered with a large door in order to enhance the cleanability.

When your products are mixed into a homogenous substance, a rotating dosing sieve in connection with a continuous weighing scale doses the mixture into bags. The bag filling process itself is manually controlled. Afterwards the bags can be easily sealed.

All frames used in this installation are especially designed conform the EHEDGE guidelines in order to optimise the hygienic aspect of the installation. It is furthermore very easy to upgrade this installation with a complete CIP cleaning system.

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