From drilling machines to conveyor belts and mixers to grapples, precision and accuracy are important and save money when using these applications. When used in explosive environments, safety is a must. That is why BEGE developed the MIG® encoder. The quality encoder can be ordered as an incremental encoder (MIG NOVA+ and MIG Basic) and as an absolute encoder (MIG AST). The incremental encoder generates information about the position, angle and number of revolutions and reports incremental changes about the position. This is often used in applications where fast feedback is needed on a direct and accurate relative position. Looking for an encoder for horizontal or vertical rotational movements in logistics automation? The absolute encoder transmits unique position values from the moment the encoder is switched on, even movements that occur during a power failure. In contrast to regular encoders that are vulnerable in an industrial environment, BEGE developed an encoder that offers high precision and which is suitable as a flange for installation between the electric motor and gearbox. The encoder is fully protected against dirt, dust, corrosion and liquids, even during high-pressure cleaning, by mounting between the motor and gearbox. The high-quality encoder goes up to 2,048 pulses and is IP67 certified; ideal for use with metal products, plastic, plaster, cement, chemicals and wood chips. Solids previously described how the BEGE MIG precision encoder can modernise your drive; read the article on our company page. Curious which BEGE MIG variant fits your company? Click on the link in the menu.