MOLOSroto & Co, new brand names of Mollet Füllstandtechnik GmbH

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Based on their experience our customers combine values like confidence, trustworthiness and safety with the products of MOLLET. Confidence is predicated on fair prices, high quality products and long term customer relationships. The trustworthiness results from absolute delivery reliability, fast reaction times and substantiated statements for our customers. For 30 years our owner-managed mid-sized company named MOLLET has provided innovative ideas and convincing products for more safety around bulk solids and has of course offered customized solutions as well. That gives our customers the good feeling to have chosen the right product.

In order to communicate these core values of our brand even better, all product lines of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH get a new sounding brand name on the occasion of the 30th company anniversary. These brand names have been subject to high requirements. They should document the long history of the company, make a reference to the respective technology and prove the innovation skills of a modern company.

The results of a professional selection process have been two-piece trade names each merging into an integrated appearance. Each brand name contains the lettering MOLOS. “MOL” stands for MOLLET and “OS” for Osterburken. That was the TELEX-address of our company when it was founded and so represents the historical reference. The second part of the brand name is an indication of the technology that’s behind the described product line. The modern and innovative appearances of our brand reflect the spirit of our company in an ideal manner.

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