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Last modified: 8 May 2023

On January 9, 2018, the extensive packaging installation of Vreugdenhil in Scharsterbrug was officially taken into production. The production location for the packaging of milk powders has been expanded by Votech with 2 filling machines, 2 palletising machines and a big bag filling machine. In addition, a complete system has been installed to feed the empty pallets to the machines and to transport the loaded pallets to the wrapper.

Thanks to a very pleasant cooperation between the two parties, during the installation and implementation of the new Votech machines, the production of Vreugdenhil has been halted for only 1.5 days.

With only a day and a half of a standstill, this goal was more than achieved. The challenge provided extra motivation and creative inspiration for both Vreugdenhil and Votech. Potential problems were solved almost immediately.

Another extra challenge for the engineering of Votech were the +/- 30 columns that were distributed in the production field. One column was even positioned in the middle of one of the filling machines. The equipment was precisely defined to the millimeter making everything suitable.

Vreugdenhil Scharsterbrug now has 4 bag filling machines after the project, which are available on 3 palletising machines and a big bag filling machine. The 3 palletising machines and the big bag filling machine are fed with empty pallets via one central pallet transport system. The pallet transport system for empty pallets consists of, among other things, a traverse, sheet tray for cardboard sheets, sheet material for foil sheets, both reused and new pallet magazines, and both reused and new rotating roller conveyors and roller conveyors. The loaded pallets are then transported via a traverse with integrated turntable to the central pallet discharge system.

With the new Votech filling machines Vreugdenhil has the possibility to provide the bags with a pinchtop closure. This meets their customer’s wishes. In the industry, the demand for sewed bags is decreasing due to hygiene considerations.

The bags are combined behind both filling machines to one bag transport system including a check weigher, metal detector and reject system. The filled bags are transported to one of the two new Votech palletisers. The palletising machines can each handle 4 different pallet sizes, including double deck pallets. Because of the stacking in a shaft, the bags can not hang over the pallets and the stacked pallets are very neat, stable and tight. This allows the pallets to be stored in automatic warehouses without problems and then loaded into trucks without problems, and without damaging the load.

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