Magnet removes weakly magnetic particles from bulk flows

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Goudsmit has recently upgraded the magnetic head pulley separators, increasing the generated magnetic force to over 9000 gauss. These high gradient separators remove weakly magnetic and paramagnetic particles down to around 10-15 mm from bulk and recycling flows. This includes bits of stainless steel from shredded WEEE, ASR and plastic flows. It is also suitable for removal of specific soil contaminants, soil, stones and iron dust from ceramic material or blasting grit. The magnetic head pulley has a radial magnet construction and is used for smaller fractions, up to around 10-15 mm, and for single layer thicknesses. A precondition for optimal separation is that the ferromagnetic particles have been previously removed from the product stream, thus enabling the separator to function with optimal effect on the weakly magnetic particles which pass the magnet at a constant flow rate. After all, when ferromagnetic (Fe) metal particles are present in the product stream, the high attraction force may cause additional wear to components such as the shell or conveyor belt. Applications: recycling, food, ceramic and mineral processing industries.

How it works
A high gradient magnetic head pulley separator is a conveyor belt system with a very powerful integrated magnetic conveyor roller. The belt is fed from a vibratory feeder, possibly in combination with a supply hopper. The belt speed is adjustable. This ensures that product supply (capacity/layer thickness), along with the attracting power of the magnetic conveyor roller and ballistic effect of the product speed, can be perfectly regulated. A drawback of a high gradient magnet it that it is so powerful that it also attracts other bits of magnetic material, such as pieces of plastic, wood or rubber contaminated with iron oxide. This results in a separate metal fraction that is contaminated with other materials. This fraction is not directly saleable and therefore requires an additional processing step. The high gradient separator increases the quality of the recycled finished product.
Once the separated particles reach the bottom of the magnetic conveyor roller they fall away; a separation partition placed here allows their collection and/or further transport.

Note: A high gradient magnetic field is a relatively shallow magnetic field with very rapid dissipation of the magnetic force in relation to the distance from the surface of this magnetic field. This has been specially developed for separation of paramagnetic (i.e. weakly magnetic) particles. For more information: see product page on website

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