Magnet filters weak magnetic particles from foodstuffs

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV will be introducing a new type of magnet at the Solids 2013 Fair in Rotterdam (Stand A1017). This semi-automatic clean-flow magnet is composed of magnetic bars and it filters weak magnetic and very small metal particles (from 30 mHu) from, among other things, foodstuffs. Particles smaller than 1 mm are, in fact, not detected by a metal detector and continue therefore to be present in the product. The system reaches a maximum magnetic value of 11,500 gauss, while the minimum value is never below 700 gauss. This means that also stainless steel 316 particles can be removed. The magnet can be used in free fall pipes in various industries and needs a low built-in height of 150 mm.

Following the development of this system, Goudsmit, together with its clients, has developed a standard test for measuring the efficiency of the magnets in relation products contaminated with metal. This makes it possible to compare the various magnet solutions and arrive at the best choice.

The self-cleaning Clean-Flow magnet is composed of two powerful Neoflux ® magnetic bars mounted one above the other. This means that the product always comes into contact with the magnet. The magnetic bars are composed of Neoflux® (Neodymium-Ferro-Boron) magnets. This enables a magnetic value of 11,500 gauss to be reached.

After the production process is switched off, the cleansing cycle can be started. During the cleansing process, the magnetic bars are removed manually from the product flow and then cleaned pneumatically. The iron particles are released and disappear into the waste channel. After cleansing, the magnetic cores are put back into place and production can be resumed.

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