M.I.P. starts with 5S

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Focusing on the customer, how do you do this? By attuning your processes to the needs of the customer. Furthermore, a well organised workplace forms the foundation of good work processes. 5S is an approved action plan originating from the Japanese Lean philosophy, which supports this. Last summer, M.I.P. Tanks & Silos started with the deployment of a 5S and Lean track, in collaboration with The Lean Six Sigma Company. The work areas are being reorganised and employees are being actively involved in process improvement by means of day start boards, visual management and standardisation. “Let’s make better silos and tanks together” is the new motto. This sounds nice, of course. But in reality, the company is dedicated to this vision with hearts and minds as well. By investing in 5S and Lean at this moment, the basis of a new corporate culture is being created.

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