Lödige ploughshare® mixers with ATEX certifiation

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The German machine builder Lödige has been building horizontal ploughshare® mixers for batch or continuous processes for many years. These mixers are built according to the needs of the customer and are therefore always unique. The Lödige ploughshare® mixers can be used in very clean environments or for heavy industrial applications. They can be adapted for processes under high pressure or under vacuum.
For all these applications, Lödige can build a mixers with an ATEX certification so that – in accordance with European legislation – these machines can be used in an environment with a gas and / or dust explosion hazard. Once the customer (end-user of the machine) has determined in which ATEX zone the ploughshare®mixer will be used, and what ATEX-zone is needed inside the mixer, the Lödige engineers will design and build an ATEX-compliant mixer.
Lödige builds batch mixers from 5 to 30,000 liters, and recently even supplied a continuous mixer with a drum of 57,000 liters that can be flipped open over the total lenght.
The Lödige mixers can also be supplied in a Food-grade version and will be delivered with the necessary certificates for the food and pharmaceutical industry in needed.
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