Lödige KM 4200 DW continuous mixer with open-top drum section

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Industries that handle fast-hardening mixing products which cause significant wear demand high throughput rates, but also – and in particular – quick, simple machine cleaning procedures. This also goes for Europe’s largest gold mine in northern Finland. Here, the mill tailings are mixed with cement before being pumped back into the cavities created by the excavation. The continuous mixer KM 4200 DW supplied by Lödige Process Technology is specially designed for these challenges. For instance, its sealing system is particularly effective and it is equipped with a hydraulic device to permit automatic opening of the top horizontal drum section.This permits easy access to the entire mixing compartment, making it easy to

In Lapland, about 900 kilometres north of Helsinki, Agnico Eagle Finland Oy operates Europe’s largest gold mine. The company, a subsidiary of the Canadian mining company Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd., intends to extract over five tons of pure gold in the Kittilä mine in 2019 alone. A current expansion project to permit excavation in deeper layers is expected to increase this volume by another 25 percent from 2021 onwards. It goes without saying that this process generates huge volumes of mill tailings. These tailings are then mixed with water and cement and pumped back into underground cavities created by the gold mining process.
The special challenge of this process: The mixture of mill tailings, water and cement hardens very quickly. However, many continuous mixers are full of areas in which materials can accumulate. Before now, removing these deposits was extremely time- consuming. For this reason, Agnico Eagle Finland Oy started to look for an efficient, long-lived solution for mixing mill tailings, which also had to be particularly easy to
clean without any remaining residue.
Due to the pasty to liquid consistency of the mixed materials, the greatest challenge was secure sealing of the machine. Lödige solved this problem by developing a new sealing system for pasty, sludge-like products. In addition, the Lödige mixer is characterised by low dwell times and high throughput rates, as a continuous intensive mixer KM 4200 DW permits throughput rates of 86 m³ per hour.
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