The magazine Pharma Tech Outlook published the annual listing of the top 10 companies that are the forefront of providing Pharma Tech solutions and transforming businesses. We are honoured to announce you that Lödige is one of them. There motivation goes as follows: Lödige Process Technology offers high-quality mixing, granulation, drying, fluid bed, and coating systems for the different process engineering-based production applications required for pharmaceutical products. With over 60 years’ experience in continuous mixing and granulation, Lödige understands the pharmaceutical industry’s needs by scaling down the established systems for the continuous manufacturing of smaller high-quality outputs of solid dosage forms. The firm offers direct compression and wet granulation/drying machines, making it the ideal partner for continuous production of OSDs. Present-day, Lödige is setting new standards for coating speed, efficiency, and filling level variability with its Coater type LC that operates on the co-current, under-pressure principle, and used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules, and pellets. Designed for through-the-wall assembly, separating technical and process areas—the coating system permits easy adjustment of the nozzle position to the tablet bed to set an optimum spraying distance and the angle at all times. Heated inlet air is guided into the Coater housing via a special distribution system and led through the perforation into the coating drum, ensuring a rapid drying process of the moist tablet surfaces. An innovative ultrasonic generator is used to reduce the time spent on the cleaning process. The firm’s customer-oriented design of its machines and strict adherence to all current GMP directives, FDA regulations, and WIP/CIP systems enables pharma companies to reduce maintenance costs, enhance quality control, and a higher product yield. Lödige boasts various certification and compliance standards, such as Din iso 9001, ML-CHINA, AD 2000, and EN ISO 3834-2. For more info; please contact Eskens Benelux