Launch of Fike Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV)

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

In response to the increasing demand for cost effective isolation solutions created by new directives, codes, and standards, Fike is excited to announce the expansion of its explosion isolation product offering.

In addition to Fike’s fast acting mechanical slide gate valve and the chemical barrier system, Fike now offers a pneumatically operated explosion isolation pinch valve.

The Fike Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV), used in conjunction with other Fike explosion protection system components, provides a cost-effective solution to prevent deflagration propagation through interconnecting pipes or conveying lines to additional process equipment or operating locations.

The EIPV System uses a heavy duty food grade elastomeric sleeve, high-speed solenoid valves, pneumatic accumulator; high and low pressure alarm switches, and shut off/bleed/manual operation valves.

The features of the Fike product include:
• Provides a mechanical obstruction to explosion flame and pressure
• Fast closure with minimized installation distance from vessel
• No pyrotechnical devices required to activate the valve
• No reaction forces upon closure
• Supervised accumulator pressure included
• Suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
• Can be operated and reset by user
• Virtually maintenance free
• Uses standard plant air
• Sanitary design – elastomeric sleeve extends to the full face of the flange, eliminating potential for bacterial contamination
• Full-port design reduces pressure drop and avoids material accumulation
• Available in a variety of international flange standards and sleeve materials
• Food grade sleeve standard
• Proven concept, large-scale tested at Fike
• Third party tested and certified (CE, ATEX)

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