KZB-S 3000:New Conveyor for Hot Sinter

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

AUMUND apron conveyors can be found all over the world, especially in plants using
abrasive bulk materials, with temperatures of up to 1,000°C, and which can be transported without the aid of inert gases. The international iron and steel industry has requirements for such applications to convey iron sinter, DRI briquettes or similar bulk materials. Aumund kzb-S type apron conveyors have been successfully commissioned for hot sinter in plants in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. These are proving to be excellent references, and the Metallurgy division has now sold a further conveyor for hot sinter in Japan.
A 3,000 mm wide conveyor has been developed by AUMUND’s R&D engineers
especially for applications in the international steel industry. The individual components of the machine, which have proven their reliability for decades in other branches of industry, have been adapted for this particular use.
The AUMUND conveyors for sinter are installed directly behind the sintering plant right
under the crusher. “In certain cases vibratory feeders were replaced, in other cases we used the conveyor to bridge the distance to the ongoing sinter cooler” explains AUMUND senior manager, Frank Reddemann.
AUMUND is now using new permanently lubricated rollers after having tested them
successfully in actual working conditions in other sinter plants. This further increases the efficiency and reliability of the machine. Before the machines are successfully put into operation, long trial sequences are implemented, at first tentatively and then building up to test the machines in fully operating situations. The engineers’ extensive experience in transportation solutions for hot and abrasive materials stood Metallurgy in good stead for the development of this conveyor for hot material.

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