KSE Process Technology builds complete micro dosing line

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Bladel – NL, 10 May 2012 – In 2011, KSE received an order for building a complete micro dosing line in Scandinavia. The order contains multiple ALFRA dosing machines, ALFRA flexible silos, ALFRA dose&weigh software as well as the pneumatic transport.

The different ordered parts are for supplying the existing mixing line of the factory. The complete new micro dosing line will be built against this.

The process
First the different raw materials will be transported in big bags or bags to 25 meters height through a lift before it’s emptied in the ALFRA Batch Bulk Transport (BBT). Then the ALFRA BBT transports the raw materials to various ALFRA silos, which unloads in different micro-dosing systems of ALFRA.

From the dosing systems they are dosed in the sending vessel of the ALFRA pneumatic Transport (APT). Finally the APT blows the raw materials into the existing mix line. This whole process is controlled by the ALFRA dose&weigh software.

As we deliver all the machines for the complete line, KSE is able to manage this whole project. The machines are manufactured in our factory in Bladel and installed by our own people at the customer. An extensive and challenging project, thus project manager Ton Klaassen.

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