KSE Process Technology B.V. launches unique analysis tool

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Bladel, 27 January 2012 – KSE Process Technology B.V. has bundled her years of experience in the PremixMineral into an analysis tool. This tool can be used for the ideal design of a factory, taking account into all current and future variables and all disciplines.

First, with the participation of the different disciplines in a business, all variables are mapped. The Executive Board, the production manager, the nutritionists and the quality managers provide their input to make a good analysis. The amount of raw materials, ingredients, the percentages required in recipes, the size of batches, the production hours (per day and per year), the supply of raw materials, etc., are all mapped. Since each recipe is company specific, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

Output of the analysis
The tool processes all data for an accurate view of all design parameters; for example the capacity of dosing and weighing systems, the number of silos, the contents of the silos, the distribution of raw materials on the weighers and the silos or sales data and quality requirements.

`With this unique analysis tool our customers no longer needs to guess the effects of changes in, for example, the size of a batch, production capacity, additions, and so on,` said Director Adriaan Smulders. `This tool helps to invest profitable in equipment and machinery because the customer know that it meets both current and future requirements`.

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