KEMP B.V. supplies 7 weighing systems for Engie nuclear power plant Doel, which is located in the port of Antwerp, in collaboration with Rice Lake. The objective of this project is to accurately and reliably measure the level in 7 tanks containing radioactive water / sludge. The temperature of the sludge can reach 85 degrees and in space it can reach a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. The total weight per tank will be a maximum of 30 tons and with the weight measurement a display unit with a 4-20 mA signal for the control is supplied. Due to installation in a radiation environment, strict requirements are imposed on the components to be supplied. The result is that 4 loadcells, type RL42, are placed per weighing system. The FAT will take place in the Rice Lake test room in Heteren, for which the systems will be assembled, provided with customer coding and functionally tested with certified weights. The final calibration takes place in Doel after building the tanks. Frans Kruse (director KEMP BV): "We are very happy with this assignment. It fits well with another nuclear project in which we have been involved since 2009 (Cementation installation in Dessel). After processing the water / sludge in Doel, the residues are packaged and then additionally packaged by the installation in Dessel for safe and long-term storage "

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