Keller Long Run filters

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

For many years, Keller has been committed to a better living environment under the label “Green Balance”. Keller builds efficient dust filters with the lowest emissions which make a significant contribution to the environment. Keller also wants to reduce the ecological footprint of dust filters. After launching the Vario ECO filter appliances, Keller now continues with a new generation of Keller filter elements: the KLR-filters-Keller Long Run.

The new KLR-filters have a guaranteed service life of 18,000 hours or 3 years equivalent to 120,000 cleaning intervals, a true record! In this way, Keller ensures a longer life cycle of the filter elements and less waste. In addition, the energy consumption of the filter elements is 5% lower which reduces not only CO2 emissions but also provides a cost saving.

By this, Keller continues the tradition as a leading supplier of dust filters and proposes its customers the latest filter technology available.

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