J-Tec mixes hazardous solids into liquids

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

A big international player in the dairy industry recently challenged J-Tec’s engineers to find a proper solution for mixing a hygroscopic and lightly hazardous product into liquids.

A short summary of the installation:

J-Tec installed its own hygienic and ergonomically designed bag dumping station for the discharging of the hazardous solids into the process flow. This slightly modified system has an integrated preparation tank which by means of an agitator creates a X% water/product solution. Next to the operator his comfort, his safety is guaranteed as well due to a highly efficient dedusting system. Because the area is classified as a “wet zone” J-Tec connected a wet scrubber to the dedusting system. This piece of equipment separates the polluted particles from the exhaust air excluding any form of contamination.

When the required mixture is reached it will be transported into one of the installed buffer tanks. Because the required water/product solution in these tanks should be Z% instead of X%, the bag dumping station will be rinsed with an exact amount of water after each flush.

This rinse water thus has 2 purposes:

1. Removing all product residue out of the bag dumping station
2. Optimize the water/ product solution as it will be collected in the same buffer tank where the initial flush was collected

In order to prevent segregation in the buffer tanks, they are both equipped with an agitator which is continuously mixing the product. In the final phase of this process flow the mixture gets dosed into another process. In order to counter segregation in the pipelines, J-Tec foresaw a loop that continuously circulates the mixture from the buffer tank to a connection of the following process installation.

An additional benefit is that this installation is completely CIP-able (from the preparation tank to the dedusting system to the buffer tanks and pipelines), ensuring a clean process run.

J-Tec also has extensive experience with a wide variaty of other techniques such as vacuum and inline mixing. Check www.j-tec.com for more information.

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