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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Throughout the years, J-Tec noticed the need of low capacity, easy bag filling installations. That’s why we designed the “easy fill & seal“, an installation that allows you to fill and seal bags in an easy and ergonomic way. Our 40 years of experience in the business of solids handling helped us to invent this hygienic, low budget, but most of all effective solution.

The “easy fill & seal” is delivered in combination with our patented “dosing valve” which guarantees extremely accurate dosing. Let us convince you of its added value for your process needs and contact our sales force.

Key features
-Application for low capacity bag filling
-High accurate dosing with our “Dosing Valve” (fully dismountable, cleanable,…)
-Bag stabilizer on weighing scale of load cells
-Ergonomic rail transport
-Easy bag seal up application
-Easily cleanable (Wet and Dry)
-Easily applicable in any process situation
-Fully integrated automation system:
– Data logging & batch reports
– Label printing
– Tracking & Tracing
-Hygienic design

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