J-Tec builds a turnkey baby food installation in Poland

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

J-Tec recently engineered, built and successfully commissioned a turnkey blending line in Poland for an international key player within the baby food industry. J-Tec opted for a gravitational setup for hygienic considerations, but also to minimize energy consumption.

The customer demanded J-Tec to install a hoist with integrated loading cells above the FIBC discharging stations. On first sight not a big challenge, if it wasn’t for the limited space available. J-Tec was in need of a device with high loading capacities that is highly accurate, but has limited dimensions. After skimming the market it became clear that such equipment was not available. Therefore J-Tec decided to engineer such a system themselves, resulting in a state of the art hoisting system which they have been copying ever since.

Hygienic engineering
Cleanability is of crucial importance in the food and especially the baby food industry. J-Tec is therefore continuously focusing on the improvement of its solutions, making them ever more hygienic. A perfect example in this installation is the integration of an extractable buffer hopper and an entirely movable platform, situated underneath the blender. Whenever the buffer hopper is extracted for cleaning, the platform comes into position. The platform not only facilitates the process of inspecting and cleaning the bottom of the blender, it also shields the exposed sieve from possible product residue to fall in. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. Every piece of process equipment, every platform, every rail and even every bolt is designed according specific hygienic guidelines.

When certain challenges occur and options are limited, it often comes down to handle them creatively. “How to get a big amount of small bags from the ground to the upper level, when there is no elevator available?” was such a challenge in which J-Tec was able to provide a suitable answer. J-Tec tackled the issue by designing ergonomic, hygienic and movable cages, able to carry up to 450 kg of bags. Every unit is equipped with a perfectly balanced lifting yoke, allowing the operators to hoist every cage directly from the ground to the upper level. Once a certain cage is in position, a unique cage barcode prevents the operator from making mistakes by linking the cages to the correct bag dump unit.

Expertise in data communication
In this case J-Tec engineers designed a customized control application which is able to communicate with every layer of the installation. In addition they’ve installed a complete track and trace system to guarantee a consistent product of top quality.
Hygienic engineering

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