J-Tec builds a snack food installation in Russia

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

As a business to business organization, J-Tec focusses on building strong and reliable relationships with its customers and is committed to making quality products for its customer’s clients. J-Tec strives to engineer and build the world’s most hygienic, reliable and sustainable process installations, a most appreciated strategy.
J-Tec recently provided one of many process installations to a world leader in the manufacturing of snack foods. Due to the success of J-Tec’s standardized solutions, this concept has been copied several times now worldwide. This specific project was executed at an existing production facility near Moscow, Russia, where J-Tec installed FIBC discharging stations, bag dumping stations, a pneumatic conveying line and a dry blending process.

Why J-Tec

J-Tec has won this project because they’ve come up with innovative and standardized concepts for the handling of raw materials in snack food installations. All components are designed with specific attention towards exceptional hygiene and food safety standards. Being an EHEDG-member J-Tec actively promotes safe food processing by improving hygienic engineering and designs. Offering such a quality package in combination with the integration of Custom made and modular components resulted in competitive project costs.

Dry material inlet

The dry materials used in this project are supplied from 25kg sacks and FIBC’s. This means the discharging process is quite labor-intensive. In its engineering solutions, J-Tec took into account that operators can benefit from ergonomically designed discharging stations. They raised the platform in which the sack tip stations are integrated in order to achieve the preferred working heights. Furthermore integrated vacuum sack lifters help to facilitate the manual labor acquired in the process.
The FICB and sack tip stations are connected to a pneumatic vacuum conveying line with an inline sifter and a magnet.

Blending tower

When the complete batch is conveyed to the filter receiver, a weight check is done and the products are dropped by gravity into a ribbon blender. The blending tower consists of a 13 meter high steel construction which is engineered and built by J-Tec. After blending the several ingredients, the mixture is dropped by gravity in a buffer hopper, which refills the LIW feeder above the continuous mixer.

Efficient project execution

Commissioning process installations in foreign countries isn’t always simple, certainly not in politically unstable regions.

Handling such circumstances acquires having the experience and knowledge of dealing with local customs. Fortunately, J-Tec can rely on its knowledge and experience to efficiently handle the most challenging projects.

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