IQsafeLink, much more than only remote take-over

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Many machine construction company is already familiar with the phenomena IQsafeLink and offers it’s customers through this safe and simple connection concept service “while sitting in the sofa”. This is exactly the basis on which IQsafeLink has been developed, but this development does not stop there. The solid box has proven itself in industry and has been improved by an 24 V option and still is easy to install like before. Within the box, the 4GB compact flash card (CF) has been replaced by a 30GB solid state disk (SSD). First reason why was the warmth that a CF produces, which in certain circumstances is not wished for. This chance unexpectedly had many more advantages, as with a 30 GB SSD on board, IQsafeLink has taken the abilities that a PC (also for example for MS windows!) provides. In this case IQsafeLink can even take the place of a PC, that frequently is used inside machine’s control systems. With this, remote connection with IQsafeLink becomes very cost efficient.

Various machines and apparatuses use a PC as central processor for the controls. This is often done by specific industrial software, but now-a-days also by MS-windows based applications. In general this software can be running from a IQsafeLink, thus creating a lot of savings in contrast to the expense to acquire remote take-over with IQsafeLink. Extra benefit in this set-up is that with less components and diversity, the chances of machine failure or malfunction also decreases, which in its case again enhances the production capacity. As well, IQsafeLink being the PC in the machine, offers the immediate connection to upgrade or update the software by automatic, yet controlled, uploading. This automatic process has been a notorious cause of machine failure. IQsafeLink offers the possibility to immediately interfere with this process. Above all: these actions do not need an engineer at the location of the machine and can be done from anywhere!

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