IQsafeLink grows up

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Small children grow up, can be said about IQsafeLink. A few years ago this new remote connection concept saw daylight and developer Armac began modest marketing of the one and only safe remote connection by internet for machine and process controls with own intelligence on board. Now, IQsafeLink-boxes can be found throughout Europe and give machine builders (OEM) the possibility to provide their customers with optimal service on their machines. Even machines in Asia, America and Australia are being taken over remotely to help out operators, avoid errors, update software or simply solve problems. This kind of remote service is a must for modern, customer-focused machine building. IQsafeLink is the only complete and professional solution.

“IQsafeLink is ready for the future, says inventor of IQsafeLink, Roland Geurts: To keep focus on the core-business of Armac, we searched for a new sales channel. We found a familiar supplier in industrial automation: Duranmatic.” IQsafeLink completes the assortment of Duranmatic and both parties are very satisfied.

For more than 20 years, Armac stands at the basis of many creative designs in operating and process engineering. Armac works with a perfect blend of hardware and software engineering, that with a fully equipped workshop and a fast and efficient service team, brings the creative component to many satisfied customers. IQsafeLink is a good example of innovative thinking, that deserves proper marketing attention. Duranmatic is a specialist in this field.

Duranmatic is a technical trading company and has a lot of experience in the field of industrial automation, automatic identification and point of sale. Duranmatic has an answer for many technical demands from the solution to for complex technical environments to very simple applications. With a wide range in multiple brands customers are offered complete packages. In the constantly changing world of technology, we want to offer solutions that are complete and up-to-date, says Peter Noodelijk, sales manager of Duranmatic: and with IQsafeLink we hit both targets!

IQsafeLink was created more or less in its current form in 2010. More capacity in its unique internal intelligence, a 24V adapter and other extras were added. Now, IQsafeLinks marketing and sales move to Duranmatic. Launch will be at the trade fairs in technology “The Instrument” and “Industrial Automation & Drives”. Here IQsafeLink is presented as a part of Duranmatics asso

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