InfraLab e-Series Laboratory measurement system

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The new NDC InfraLab e-Series NIR Analyser offers an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the at-line measurement of moisture, fat / oil and/or protein in a wide range of applications in the Food and Bulk Industry (moisture only).

Users throughout the world control their processes with the InfraLab and derive the following major benefits:

• High speed sampling for improved productivity
• Improvement in product quality
• Major time and cost savings for routine QC analysis
• No sample preparation required
• Improved product quality and process control
• Operator independent measurement results
• Precalibrated from factory for standard applications
• Supplied with InfraLab manager software
• Available with a variety of samples trays
• Ethernet and LIMS connectivity are available

InfraLab e-Series Food and Bulk
The at-line or laboratory InfraLab e-Series is available as a Single or Multi component NIR Measurement System for continuous measurement of moisture, fat / oil or protein.

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