Industrial Sieving of Cocoa Powders with Russell Finex

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Founded in 2005, Indústria Brasileira de Cacau (IBC) supplies cocoa to companies who use it as raw material in the food industries and cosmetics. As IBC sought to implement a brand-new processing line, the company needed to be assured of quality before choosing the best sieving solution for this application.

As cocoa powder is a difficult to screen powder using standard units, Russell Finex recommended the Russell Compact Sieve®: a highly versatile, easy-clean sieve ideal for the safety-screening of food powders, like cocoa powder.

With the Russell Compact Sieve® IBC achieved the next key benefits:
1) Increase production – achieve higher product throughput rates per unit area of mesh
2) Fits into smaller spaces – either into existing installations or areas of limited headroom
3) Eliminate oversize – improve product purity and safeguard quality

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