Improving the separation of PET plastics from wash water for PFR Nord

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

With a product line stemming from the local German returnable bottle system, PFR Nord recycles PET from beverage bottles. The company is one which prides itself on its efficient process, and its plant has been designed to ensure its processing lines are recycling plastics as effectively as possible.

PFR Nord sought a more sustainable processing solution to replace a competitor’s sieving machine. It was needed to pre-separate solids from the wash water as part of its bottle washing line within its final separation process, done by washing shredded plastic on the sieve mesh. The Finex Separator™ was chosen as the ideal unit, due to its abilities to process high throughput rate of product, and accurately grade plastics on up to 5 mesh frames.

Once it passed a successful trial and was installed on site, this vibratory separator provided higher throughput rates than the previous machine, easily reaching the required throughput of 35m³/h through a 200μm mesh aperture. By installing this machine mesh life was increased due to infrequent mesh changes being needed, and higher productivity was achieved because of this decreased production downtime.

Designed for the accurate grading of materials, and improved contamination removal, the Finex Separator™ is a versatile, high-powered unit, which increases throughput considerably versus conventional separators. Available in a range of sizes, it is easy to clean and disassembled, reducing contamination risk and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Managing Director of PFR Nord, Mr Holger Mainka, said “We were very happy about how Russell Finex went above and beyond to give us a solution to our problems. The fact that they also provided us with a test unit to trial for the solution also proved incredibly helpful and we were very pleased with the partnership that was made.”

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