Hygienic Open Construction Frame

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The Hygienic Open Construction Frame (H.O.C. Frame) is designed without closed spaces and with contact surfaces which are limited to a minimum. We are meeting the requests of the market to give hygiene the top priority in the design.

Guide rails are mounted at distance to prevent contact surfaces. The required construction contact surfaces will be placed at distance of the frame. Hereby the contact surfaces will be minimized and can be easily cleaned. To make visual control and cleaning as easy as possible all open construction parts are faced outside. The frame (stainless steel) can be given a ViwateQ surface treatment to provide for the highest possible smoothness of the complete construction.

The open cable housings are welded to the frame, again to prevent assembly contact surfaces. The cables are positioned down on to of each other. The whole construction is fully welded. No closed environments in the machine anymore, no plate covers and no potential contamination points in the construction.

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