Hygienic Compact Containment system

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Dinnissen Process Technology introduce Hygienic Compact Containment system. This concept was developed especially for environments in which it is necessary, for reasons of hygiene, explosion hazard or the emission of toxic and/or sensitizing substances , to work very hygienically, safely and efficiently. This concept combines the quick and thorough cleaning of production processes with an extremely effective containment of even the finest particles.

The ability to quickly and thoroughly clean production processes is becoming increasingly crucial, as more and more producers choose to invest in a single process line for the production of several products. This is based on its compact design and the fact that all the process equipment is quickly and easily accessible. This is also why Dinnissen fits its mixing and grinding installations with oversized inspection hatches and easily removable mixing shafts. As a result, all the interior parts of the machines are optimally accessible.

By compact design, the systems can quickly and accurately dose various ingredients and process a large number of batches per hour. This makes it possible to achieve a high mixing capacity. This is possible even at ratios of coarse dosage/fine dosage of 1:500. In practice, Dinnissen’s systems allow coarse dosage rates of 20 tons per hour and fine dosage rates of 40 kg per hour (11 g per second).

Hygienic Compact Containment is particularly appropriate for use in projects which involve product intake, mixing, grinding, sifting, and packaging for companies in the food, pharma and chemical sectors. Hygienic Compact Containment offers effective solutions for environments in which raw materials are processed for the production of probiotics, vitamins, baby food, meat products, dried herbs, graphite, toner, additives, nitrates, fine particles, sensitizing substances, substances which are associated with explosion risk, and other raw materials for the chemical and pharma sectors.

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