High Pressure Valve Provides Solution for Chemical Company

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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BASF is an integrated global chemical company. Their site in Redditch, UK, specializes in the production of flooring systems including concrete repair, structural waterproofing, traffic repair, car park decks, roofing waterproofing and structural grouts.

The manufacturing process includes bulk storage, batch weighing and pneumatic transfer of a large variety of ingredients (typically sands cements, lime and coarse aggregates) to a large vacuum receiving hopper. From here materials are discharged to a mixer then discharged to a high speed packing process.

BASF had experienced problems with the existing butterfly valve on the outlet of their vacuum batch receiving hopper. Some of the coarse materials, typically quartz and flintag, are very abrasive with sharp jagged edges and have a high bulk density. The butterfly valve blade was unable to open against a head load of high density compacted material.

BASF identified the Vortex HDPV2 slide gate valve as ideal solution for this application. The pneumatically actuated HDPV2 valve is designed to address higher-pressure applications up to 75 psig (5 barg) depending on size; the Vortex HDPV2 sets itself apart from traditional industry slide gates. The rising blade design provides positive material shut-off by means of a seal on the inlet of the valve. This design feature eliminates the issues related to packing of material causing abrasion to an end seal. The seal is also protected from the blast abrasion of the material as it discharges through the valve.

The vacuum receiving hopper also had local aeration to assist material discharge. The HDPV2 is designed to seal fine material in higher aeration or pressure applications, so was ideal for this application.

BASF have been pleased with the valves performance and plan to specify Vortex valves and components for future applications.

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