Gericke dense phase conveyor Pulse-Flow™ type

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Gericke dense phase conveyor Pulse-Flow™ type
Typical for gentle conveying of milk powder from dryer or granulator into intermediate hoppers and to filling machines.

•Slow and gentle – reduced damage to product
•Constant velocity, no final expansion thanks to double sender conveying
•Increase production efficiency with higher process quality
•High loading – less air required for conveying
•Lower conveying speed – low conveying speed – reduces or completely eliminates fat deposits in the conveying pipe = less cleaning required
•Throughput: 5 to 3500 cuft/hr
•Distance:10 ft to 2000 ft

How it works
The design of the pressure vessel ensures that the product is forced into the conveying pipe in a mass flow form. The conveying gas (air, nitrogen) enters the vessel and conveying pipe in pulses. Depending upon the product, separate or wave plugs are formed, which are moved slowly by the conveying air in the pipe to the receiving hopper.

Versatile controller for pneumatic dense phase conveying STP 61
Gericke developed the STP 61 controller for the gentle and economical dense phase conveying. The controller can be used for single sender operation or for continuous conveying systems with double sender operation. It is also designed to control conveying systems with additional external air injection (PulseLineTM).

•Designed for all Gericke dense phase conveying systems
•Cost saving thanks to ready to use solution
•Short start-up time
•Intuitive operation
•Easy configuration of the conveying system
•Comprehensive range of status and process information – also available online (Ethernet)
•Support possible with remote diagnostic
•High reliability and plant availability
•Minimises the air consumption

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