Further improvement of W.A. Bachofen mill: ECM-AP

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Willy A. Bachofen is one of the key players in terms of horizontal wet milling in the world. With their well known Dyno-Mill KD they set the global standard in grinding technology. 25 years after the introduction of the KD, WAB came with the ECM (1996), many times smaller cylinders, less waste, factor 3 higher efficiency and much lower power consumption. In addition, the ECM mill is able to grind up to the nano range. range to grind. A big step forward in the grinding system.

After introducing the ECM principle, where working with accelerators instead of grinding disks, WAB made further developments on this principle in the past two years. It is the ECM principle which has been further optimized. The new mill is called WAB ECM AP (Advanced Performance). This mill is one step further, the grinding efficiency is improved and the capacity of the mill is factor 1.5 to 2 higher. In addition, this mill is capable of handling up to 0.1 mm ceramic grinding beads to grind, and therefore able to grind deep into the nano range.

The official introduction and presentation of this mill will be end March 2011 at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. A week later, this highly efficient mill will be first seen in the Benelux on the Eskens booth at the SOLIDS exhibition in Antwerp (BE). We are happy to welcome you at our booth 2200-2202 to show you the technical improvements and advantages of this new mill.

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